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Key Tactics to Fundraise on Social Media

How do you grow your fundraising programs and thrive when there are fewer donors, more competition and during a national health crisis?  The increasing wealth gap, decreasing access to disposable income plus the fact that the number of charities has doubled since the year 2000 -  means fewer donors overall

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7 digital marketing tactics to kick start your business now

Finding new ways to market and kick start business growth, or brand engagement is crucial as you tackle the competition and industry changes ahead.

These digital marketing tips will help you rebuild your online presence and maximize your business efficiency and profits in an environment where the detrimental impact of Covid-19 has been felt across the business landscape.

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10 Ways to Use Live Chat for Lead Generation

Using live chat for lead generation, customer support, and keeping your customers informed is a good multi-purpose tool your business can utilize.

Live chat can produce more than a 40% increase in overall website conversion rates, according to a 2020 study done by Forrester. That is pretty significant when you consider that on average, only about 2% of website visitors become leads.

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A Key Tactic to Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates by 8.7%

Resend your campaign to subscribers who did not open the first time to increase your open rates by 8.7% on average.  If you sent clients or prospects an important email and they did not open it up, consider sending it again. This may cause unsubscribes, but if you only do it once, and within a day of the original send time, it can boost your engagement.

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How to Manage Your Fundraising Campaigns in Uncertain Times

Faced with a difficult environment, what can you do to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with your supporters?  While we don't yet know the impact of a pandemic of this size on donor support, we must continue to support our missions.

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B2B Strategies to Out Maneuver Your Competition

Thriving businesses are always looking to innovate their products, services, how they operate and communicate. But what can B2B companies do to stay ahead when faced with marketing challenges, new technologies and competition? How can they change to become more relevant, conversion-focused and preferable to customers and prospects? 

Here are key marketing strategies to help B2B companies overcome these challenges:

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A snapshot of the future marketing landscape

In the past few years there has been a shift in digital marketing where the primary channels controlled by brands were email and websites.  Now having a website and blog are no longer enough to increase traffic, engage prospects and grow sales.  Businesses need to market across a variety of social channels and content publishing platforms and having the expertise and resources needed to allocate to these efforts can be very challenging.   

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YouTube – a key growth channel for businesses

YouTube provides businesses with an authentic, engaging platform for building and delighting audiences.  But why do over a billion people use YouTube to share video content when they could go to their existing Facebook or Instagram accounts?  The biggest selling point of YouTube is that most often users show up with a need in mind – “how to” searches are growing 70% year after year.

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Where are the best growth opportunities for your business?

An astounding 81% of consumers trust their friends and family’s advice over advice from a business.  Today, we trust friends, family, colleagues and look to third party review sites to help us choose the businesses we patronize, the software we buy, legal services we obtain, contractors we employ and so on. Acquisition is getting harder and marketing is getting more expensive.

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Instagram - a powerhouse global tool for marketers

Instagram, the social media app that has attracted a younger, hip crowd on smartphones, is killing it! They recently announced a brand new and amazing feature, Instagram TV (IGTV), which allows users to post long form videos and is in direct competition with YouTube, Snapchat and their very own Facebook.

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