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Successful Integrated Direct and Digital Campaigns

Integrated Marketing strategy plays an important role in delivering the right brand message, to the right prospect, at the right time, via the right media channel to assist in a purchase decision or build brand awareness. This strategy requires evaluation and investment in multiple direct and digital marketing channels.

It’s about combining multiple marketing elements together to achieve an objective more efficiently and effectively than by implementing any one element alone. For instance, The GRI Marketing Group has found a formula which works for some of our direct mail clients planning a campaign. Two emails are sent out approximately within one week of the “in home” date to warm-up prospects to your offer and your brand. Another email is sent out just after the “in home” date. During this time period, banner ads are served up on the sites these prospects are likely to visit.

GRI recommends building an integrated marketing plan based on data-driven models that identify the consumer behaviors that drive profit in your business. Our data driven solutions identify profitable new prospects and reduce mailing efforts to non-responsive, non-paying names which leaves more money on the table to bring in other marketing elements.

Here are a few integrated program examples:

Premiere Global Services Integrated Direct Marketing Program Yields High ROI

A 3-tier integrated direct marketing program helped Premiere Global’s sales force close 200 high-level C-executive appointments in a 2 week period. Cost per appointment generated improved from $500 to $300 per appointment.

GRI developed a program that created awareness of the Premiere Global Fax2Mail service and generated interest for the sales force to close C-level appointments. The multi-channel effort included direct mail, email and telemarketing all strategically working together to achieve the objectives. The direct mail and email created the interest but the follow-up telemarketing was key to the sales activity that occurred.

Retail Client with Multiple Locations Drives Traffic through Print and Digital

After making a strategic decision to reduce their print budget, the client needed a cost-effective, broad reach vehicle to target consumers in high-value geographic areas.

  • Geographies within each of the trade areas were identified using behavioral-based targeting to maximize impressions and reach the client’s most valuable consumers.
  • Display ads replaced print in areas where print was not as effective and expanded reach into areas previously not covered by print advertising.
  • An integrated strategy of print and digital was used in areas where there were high concentrations of the client’s most desired customers to drive traffic.

The display ad click-through rate was .09%, well above the industry average of .04% for a network ad and proved to be a good cost-effective vehicle with a broad reach. The client’s overall spend decreased while sales held steady.

For more examples of successful integrated marketing programs utilizing data driven solutions, contact Brian Snider at or call 203-261-3337 x 11.

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