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Essential Facebook Lead Gen Tips

Facebook ads can help you quickly adapt to changing consumer behavior by bringing your campaigns to the most relevant social apps where mobile users spend all their time.

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It's hard to believe that we spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook between the app, Messenger and Instagram.  And, many of us are on our phones during this time.  Facebook lead ads make it easier to engage with mobile consumers as you can manage data and capture leads on auto-populated forms without the use of landing pages.

Facebook's lead ads allow potential customers to sign up for your offers and give you accurate contact information that you can use to follow up. When someone clicks on your lead ad, they'll see a form that's auto-filled with info they've shared with Facebook, like their name, number, and/or email. Lead ad forms are mobile friendly and require less typing for your potential customers.   Find out how to create a lead ad

Facebook ads not only work to increase customer engagement and generate leads but can help in your marketing efforts in many other ways:

  • Help your content get found
  • Use the carousel ad format (up to 10 images) to tell a story, showcase a product or list the benefits of a product
  • Upsell your product
  • Offer a training course
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Offer a demo

As you build a workflow of leads, quickly follow up with an email, sales or route them to fulfillment. You can do so by syncing your list in a marketing automation platform to your audience in Facebook.  Once a list is synced, any changes made are reflected in your Facebook ads eliminating the need to upload lists. Prospects that respond to your lead ads are automatically added as a contact. Learn more about audience sync

Here are a few more Facebook lead gen tips to follow:

  • Use an original photo or animation to catch people's attention and show off your brand
  • Use custom design elements instead of stock images to increase CTRs
  • Use a custom color filter to turn a stock image into a branded image
  • Videos, videos, videos
  • Bright colors catch attention
  • Add an extra link for people to click on in the ad copy
  • Use a CTA in the ad image
  • You can use emojis and special characters in your ad copy
  • Use images with happy people so viewers feel positive about the product or offer

If you haven't yet put Facebook ads to work as part of your marketing mix, the time to try is now.

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